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TJL’s ‘Great People’ Campaign

Coming Soon… TJL’s ‘Great People’ campaign
Running across our social channels and on our website, our ‘Great People’ campaign aims to showcase some of the personalities behind our business’ success.

We will be putting the spotlight on a number of our talented employees, featuring their stories and giving an insight into life at TJL.

With ‘People’ being our first core value, we want to celebrate our fantastic team and the continued success of our people – both on the front line and behind the scenes – who deliver excellence for our clients. Stay tuned!

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TJL's ‘Great People’ Campaign - Kenny Rae

Back in 2005, Kenny Rae joined the TJL team further to amassing excellent construction industry experience with other contractors. Now, 14 years and many sites later, Kenny tells us about life as an Assistant Project Manager.

Career History   

I obtained a degree in Civil Engineering from University and have worked with Tarmac, Robertson and Dickie Construction (now Rok Construction) – starting as a chain boy and progressing through the ranks.

I met David Haddow and Campbell Ross whilst working on one of the sites, and when the opportunity arose I was keen to join TJL. When I joined the company my role was as a Site Engineer setting out sites. I still do this but now my role is centred around both site management and project management.

I’ve worked across the UK and on some of TJL’s most significant projects including The Edinburgh Grand and Muirfield Golf Club. I’m currently based at Dumbarnie Links constructing the course’s beautiful clubhouse – and I love it here because it’s a scenic site with lots of open space – a world away from the city centre!

Talk us through a typical day in the life of an Assistant Project Manager...

You arrive in the morning with a plan in your head of what you want to do – and that includes everyday tasks such as dealing with e-mails, requesting and chasing information, safety, site inspections and general site management.

Days are similar but unpredictable due to the nature of the work in the industry.

“That’s the thing about construction – you never know what you’re going to get!”

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

I have progressed in my career, moving up from the Site Engineer role to Assistant Project Manager.

“I’ve become more confident in myself than I was when I started out”

What makes you proud to work at TJL?

I am proud because we always leave behind a good quality finish. There are guys out there that don’t care – but our team do care about what they are doing and they want to leave behind a good job.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I still really enjoy setting out a site – that was my original role and that’s my strength.

I also enjoy the communication element – you meet a lot of people in the industry!

Any advice for aspiring Assistant Project Managers?

“Get on site and get your experience that way”

It’s a hard industry – you do get some nice weather but Scotland has bad winters too where you can’t feel the pencil in your hand!

“It’s all worth it though when you stand back at the end of a job and see the finished product – and you’re proud to have been a part of it and have made a difference”

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I have two daughters so I spend a lot of time with them. I’m active both inside and outside of work and enjoy running, swimming and skiing.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy what I do – taking somewhere like Dumbarnie where there is nothing here and creating a building that will be here for a good few years to come. I can drive by and say ‘I built that!’

“Every time we go to Edinburgh and walk past the Tune Haymarket Hotel, I proudly point out the building to my two girls and tell them “Daddy did that!”

Great People Campaign Kenny Rae

Positive Feedback From James Frew Ltd

Brilliant to receive such a positive mention from James Frew Ltd in this autumn’s edition of PlumbHeat.

James Frew Ltd offer integrated building services, including plumbing, heating, mechanical services and gas maintenance which were used by Thomas Johnstone Ltd during the transformation from the old RAC Club into Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel, located in Glasgow’s city centre.

Thomas Johnstone Ltd were delighted to have worked with James Frew Ltd and from this initial project a prosperous and long lasting relationship has formed. 

James Frew Quote

World Mental Health Day 2019

“Having the ability to help reduce the numbers of those struggling was the incentive for me to undertake the Mental Health First Aid Training” – Sophie Coyle, Level 3 Accredited Mental Health First Aider.

After completing the Nuco approved three day training course Sophie was able to share her knowledge and learning experience with her colleagues and advise TJL’s Senior Management of the appropriate next steps. Over the last few months discussions took place to develop Thomas Johnstone Ltd’s Mental Health Policy and Action Plan and how they should be rolled out across the business.

Sophie’s insight and understanding of this sensitive subject has ensured Thomas Johnstone Ltd is now in a strong position to support and advise on how to tackle poor mental health in the workplace.

World Mental Health Day 2019

“We are working on all appropriate measures to ensure we are as equipped as possible” – Scott Keenan, Level 3 Accredited Mental Health First Aider.

Scott’s knowledge and insight after completing the Mental Health First Aid Training has been invaluable to Thomas Johnstone Ltd as we begin to implement the initial stages of  our Mental Health Strategy. Last week’s staff seminars saw  introductions on the topic of poor mental health in the workplace and from here, on-site toolbox talks will ensure all TJL employees and operatives are aware and informed about this crucial subject.

Having individuals like Scott supporting and championing change for Thomas Johnstone Ltd sets a strong example to all. 



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